Agenda - Salmon Summit 2023

The 2023 Salmon Summit in Reykjavik, Iceland will be an opportunity for those in the salmon conservation community to connect with scientists, policy makers, advocates and industry leaders. Participants will learn about current developments in salmon conservation on both sides of the Atlantic and engage with their peers to enhance understanding, break down barriers, identify priorities, and create effective strategies and messages for 2023 and beyond. Topics covered will include regulatory and science updates, as well as more specific panels on aquaculture, high seas buyouts, and more.

We are honored to announce that Gudni Th. Johannesson, the President of Iceland, and Svandis Svavarsdottir, the Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, will address the conference.

Below is the 2023 Salmon Summit Agenda:

Thursday, March 16th – Reykjavik Grand Hotel

08:15  Opening Remarks
   –   Gudni Th. Johannesson (President of Iceland)

08:30  1. Scientific Updates: The latest scientific updates on wild salmon.
–   Jon Carr (ASF)
–   Pal Mugaas (Norske Lakseelver)
–   Rune Jensen (SalmonCamera)
–   Hlynur Bardarson (Icelandic Marine & Freshwater Research Institute)
–   Emililano Di Cicco (Pacific Salmon Foundation)

10:15  2. Regulatory Updates: Updates on regulations around the world affecting wild salmon populations.
–   Alexandra Morton
–   Jens Olav Flekke (Redd Villaksen)
–   Pål Mugaas (Norske Lakseelver)
–   Estefanía Gonzalez (Greenpeace Argentina)
–   Cristina Lux & Florencia Ortuzar (AIDA)
–   John Aitchison (Friends of the Sound of Jura)
–   Kolbeinn Arnason (Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries)

12:00  Lunch

13:00  3. Case Study: Wild Salmon and Open Net Pen Farming in Iceland: A discussion on the wild salmon in Iceland and the effects the growing open net pen salmon farming industry will have on it.
–   Gudni Gudbergsson (Icelandic Marine & Freshwater Research Institute)
–   Johannes Sturlaugsson (Laxfiskar)
–   Ragnar Johannsson (Icelandic Marine & Freshwater Research Institute)

14:45  4. Alternatives to Open Net Pen Salmon Farming: Representatives from around the world present the latest in alternatives to open net pen salmon farming.
–   Kirk Havercroft (Sustainable Blue)
–   Ben Friedman (Wildtype)
–   Runar Thor Thorarinsson (Landeldi)
–   Jens Thordarson (GeoSalmo)
–   Greg Wanger (Oberland Agriscience)
–   Thomas Myrholt (AkvaFuture)

16:30  Closing Remarks
–   Svandis Svavarsdottir (Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries)

19:00  Film Screening – Location: Bio Paradis
Friday, March 17th – Reykjavik Grand Hotel

13:00  –   Emma Hatfield (NASCO)

13:15  7. High Seas Buyouts / International Regulatory Measures: Updates on international salmon conservation agreements and intergovernmental efforts.
–   Robert Otto (ASF)
–   Fridleifur Gudmundsson (NASF Iceland)
–   Jens Olav Flekke (Redd Villaksen)

14:45  8. River Level Advocacy: Protecting salmon in their home rivers. What have we learned and what does the future hold. 
–   Gunnar Orn Petersen (The Federation of Icelandic River Owners)
–   Einar Bardarson (The Icelandic Wetland Fund)
–   Helga Kristin Tryggvadottir (The Six Rivers Project)
–   Nathan Wilbur (ASF)
–   Armin Weinbrenner & Stefan Ludwig (Wanderfische ohne Grenzen – NASF Germany)

16:30  Closing Remarks

Additionally, NGO representatives and other salmon conservation advocates are invited to a special working session on campaign strategies, bringing together top advocates from across the North Atlantic.

Other Summit events will include film screenings and site visits, details to follow shortly.