Open Net Pen Salmon Farming

Open net pen aquaculture is detrimental to wild salmon stocks and the ecosystems they depend on.

  • Escapes and genetic introgression pollute the genetic makeup of wild salmon, making them less fit to survive.
  • Sea lice from open net pens kill migrating wild salmon smolts.
  • Pollution from open net pens threaten marine ecosystem.
  • Animal welfare issues are catastrophic in open net pens. 20-25% of the salmon die prematurely.
  • Human health hazards linked to open net pens are becoming more evident. PCBs and Dioxins have been found in farmed salmon and the industry releases thousands of tons of micro plastics into the oceans every year.


NASF is addressing these challenges and working to halt the expansion of open net pen salmon farming. Through public outreach campaigns and by providing much-needed expert testimony and advice to policy makers, NASF ensures that this environmentally destructive method of food production is held to account for its impact on the environment and marine life.